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Best Tips and Tricks to Win Raid Battles in Pokemon Go


The new update of the ‘Pokemon Go’ game comes with the multiplayer option. Player can socialize and win raid battles with their team. Winning raid battles can bring you new and rare Pokémon monsters, as well as other new features as advantages. As any other update, the raid battle feature takes some time getting used to. It is quite different from combats. Not only you have to attack and dodge, you also have to battle Pokémon monsters, weighting type and CP.

A list of tips and tricks:

Be an early bird

Since players have two hours head up before the raid goes live, it might be a good idea to arrive early. Also you can fight the boss at any time during the hour the raid is live, however doing it at the beginning might be a better idea. By arriving early, you can make sure you can find up to 20 team mates and also focus on getting the boss, which gives the biggest punctuation mark.

Be friendly

If you notice people hanging around near the place of a soon to begin raid, then it might be a good idea to introduce yourself. By analyzing them for some seconds you can definitely tell if they are lost tourist in town or they are playing Pokémon Go. The multiplayer feature gives you the opportunity to socialize and find other gamers. Also, they might have and be willing to share with you some info regarding their plan to take the boss down. Maybe you can even find a group of players who know each other and go into raid battles together.

Be smart

It is important to pay attention to what team you choose. During a gym battle, the most important factor to consider is balance. You are up against 6 Pokémon monsters. There is a very high possibility that all Pokémon monsters you are up against are of different types. In this case it is of the utmost importance to time the creatures your team has available so as to show up in their strongest moment.

During raid battles, you are up against only one monster. That means that you can choose counters as you like.

Be fast

In normal battles, the signaling system is stronger. This does not happen during raid battles. You need to be fast and try your best to avoid and dodge the attacks of the Pokémon boss. The characters usually charge attacks and they can seriously damage your lifespan during the raid battle (even when your Pokémon monster is at its strongest moment). However, keep in mind that an important factor that weights in is the type of Pokémon monster you are up against. If you lose too much time trying to avoid, for example a Snorlax (a high HP Pokémon), then it is possible you have wasted precious time needed to damage the monster. Think fast and also act fast. Take into account all your possibilities and all the probabilities they offer.

Be creative

When you are up against a powerful Pokémon, there are some creative ways of catching it. After any raid battle, the boss usually shrinks down and, during that time frame, you can use your Golden Razz Berries to catch it with the help of premiere balls.  The Golden Razz Berries feature is new and you can find the berries located to the left on your selector. It is not easy for example to catch a Tier 4 creature, but with great throws and curveballs you can get the monster.

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