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Apple TV 4K Reviews are Now Out: Here’s What You Need to Know on 4K Content


A lot of people have purchased the Apple TV 4K and reported their first impressions regarding this very expensive streaming device that is now available on market.

The Apple TV 4K might be a great device that is powerful enough to stream 4K content but there isn’t much great content out there. This TV is the future TV we all want but it’s limited by a different factor, and here are some reviews that will make you understand why and what factors limit its performance.

Apple TV 4K: Pros and Cons

It’s good at streaming HD content on iTunes but it won’t support 4K HDR content on YouTube. The 1080pixels content looks awful on it too.

The Dolby Atmos sound is not supported yet but Apple is working on it.

The price is very big, considering that similar devices such as Google’s Chromecast Ultra is only $69, the Fire TV from Amazon starts at $90 and Roku Premiere is only $70. Of course, Apple fans will prefer Apple devices before any other brands and if they can play over $1000 for an iPhone, they won’t look at $179, the starting price for Apple TV 4K.

Even though you get to pay more for the Apple TV 4K, you will have lower price for 4K content on iTunes, either you buy or rent it. If you own an iTunes library that has HD content, Apple will upgrade everything you own to 4K for free.

You’ll be able to buy 4K movies for only $20 on iTunes instead of $30 from Google Play or Vudu, and the same goes for renting: from $10 on Google Play or Vudu to $6 on iTunes.

You will pay more at the beginning for the devices but in the long run it will be worth it, if you intend on regularly buying 4K content.

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