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Apple Maps in iOS 11 Update Gets New Improvements


Apple Maps for the iOS 11 comes with an amazing feature: new VR/AR-like flyover tool. Apple users are already familiar with the beautiful city flyovers, which have been available for several years now.

The new iOS tool allows users to visit any city using Apple Maps which have the 3-D Flyover. When exploring, “online” tourists can turn their device in all directions, therefore gaining a better understanding of the city they are exploring.

For those curious, they can head to YouTube and check Apple Maps videos for cities such as London or New York. The feature needs further developing as not all cities are available for 3-D exploring.

The iOS 11 beta has been released for developers, while for the general public it might get released this week. The final launch has been announced to take place in September this year.

The preview of iOS 11 on Apple’s website promises monumental changes and converting your iPhone and iPads in the most modern operating systems. The File apps will allow users to keep in one place all their files. The new Dock will be available on all screens and it will allow users to switch apps in no time. Also the new Dock allows users to customize it with your favorite app.

Other great features coming with the iOS 11 are: better multi tasking options, the Apple Pencil will become more powerful and versatile. The QuickType keyboard is also available and it allows users to find in one place all the numbers, letter and symbols they need. Another thing that Apple takes pride in is the new professional-quality filters for picture taking on your iPhone. From classic look to retro ones, the filters will be of great help to those who enjoy picture taking. All in all iOS 11 seems pretty great.

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