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Android Q Beta 3 All You Need to Know about 


Google’s Android 9 Pie hadn’t offered us a great perspective or exciting features. Android Q was in beta testing from March with an update in April, but we still hadn’t had the real Android Q. but thanks to the Google I/O event, we now can start to see the beta OS turn into something more tangible. So the Android Q beta 3 has some new features and changes from the previous Pie version. Also, the final release of the Android Q beta 3 is larger than the earlier versions and contains the new dark theme, an improved gesture control system, unique design, and other tweaks as well. Let’s see what all is about.


Dark Theme

Dark theme in Android Q lets you toggle it for a permanent fit in your design. The good news is that the new dark theme will have a battery save mode. In the dark theme, Google has introduced subtle colors like white, grey, and blue, and an amount of transparency in the dark theme. With the clarity used in the dark theme, all the animations and transitions will look very good. The dark system of the Android Q is made that when you tap in other apps, they stay the same and the system goes dark.

Gesture Navigation System

The new gesture navigation in Android Q is composed of all-in on swiping gestures for home, back, and recent. The new Android Q has three features for using the navigation gestures: entirely gestural navigation, 2-button navigation, and 3-button navigation. With the first feature, for going Home you will swipe up from the button of the screen, and for going back, you will swipe left or right. With the 2-button navigation, the overview button is gone, and to switch app, you’ll hit the Home button. 3-button navigation is the classic Android navigation.


Google has changed the notification priorities, and now we see them all grouped into two simple channels. The two channels are  – interruptive notifications that mean they will interrupt you and will sit at the top of the notification bar.

– Gentle notifications that come without sound, no vibration, and they are grouped separated in the notification shade.

To sum up, not all the features announced at the Google I/O are available; some of them will even come with the new Pixel 4. Other features of the Android Q beta 3 will be offline Google Assistant actions, new settings, new privacy, live captions, and many more that will be released on the final upgrade of the system.

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