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Android 11 Go, the OS version for budget phones, receives gesture navigation


The final version of Android 11 has just been recently released on Pixel and OnePlus, but Google is already announcing a new version of the operating system. Android 11 Go, the version dedicated to cheap and low-performance phones, will soon be launched on budget devices and comes with significant improvements, both in terms of interface and functionality, as well as performance. Of course, the required hardware specifications are also increasing.

Some improvements in Android 11 also reach the “Go” version of the operating system

Android 11 Go will finally get access to the gesture navigation system, which is present in one form or another since Android 9 on the standard version of the operating system from Google. Just like the regular version, the Go version will be able to group all your chat conversations in one place, better organized, to quickly see the conversations you’re having. Also, application permissions will be automatically disabled for applications that the user does not actively use for a longer period of time.

Google says that apps will be able to start 20% faster on Android 11 GB than Android 10 GB, while phones will now be able to upgrade to 2 GB of RAM, the previous limit being 1.5 GB for lower-end models . Of course, these phones still run “lite” versions of Google apps, and it’s recommended to install “Lite” apps from the Google Play Store for apps that offer this.

However, it seems that such phones are not very popular among users. Facebook recently dropped the Facebook Lite app for Android, as it had a very small number of active users. However, given that the new models with Android Go will benefit from 2 GB of RAM, it is likely that the “full” versions of the applications will run much better.

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