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Xiaomi Mi 5 X Can Now Use Android One


At the beginning of September Xiaomi has announced their Mi A1 device, which is the first smartphone to use Android One. Mi A1 is a new version of Xiaomi Mi 5 X that dropped the MIUI Android in favor of Android One with features such as Google services and a future Oreo update.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is Taking the News by Storm

So if you’re looking for a cheap Android device, here you have it in Xiaomi Mi A1. But those who own a Xiaomi Mi 5 X should not fall into despair because they will also benefit from Android One.

This happens with the help of heli0us, a developer from MIUI forums that created and published an Android One port for Xiaomi Mi 5 X. This way users who have a Xiaomi Mi 5 X can turn it into a Xiaomi Mi A1.

Here are all the steps which you must follow to turn your Xiaomi Mi 5 X into a Xiaomi Mi A1.

  1. First you must unlock ‘Bootloader’
    2. Flash TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)
    3. Download ROM to the Internal Storage
    4. Reboot Recovery
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Wipe the Data

After the last step you should be done and enjoy your brand new OS on Xiaomi Mi 5 X and you’re now going to be free from MIUI bloat ware!

Xiaomi Mi 5 X Features and Specs

The Xiaomi phone has been making a lot of headlines lately for featuring a stock Android. It is the best Xiaomi device, having 4 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 625, an internal storage of 64 GB, dual lens cameras and the stock Android 7.1.2.

In the near future we’re waiting for the Oreo update for Android and more features from Xiaomi as they always work on new things to add to their devices.

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