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Xiaomi has launched sports shoes and an automatic soap dispenser


Xiaomi has entered new markets, at least in India. The Chinese company has launched in the Asian state, among others, a pair of sports shoes and an automatic soap dispenser.

Mi Athleisure Shoes, light sports shoes made of synthetic material and with a soft sole, are aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts. The shoes cost the equivalent of $ 20. The shoes are available in three colors: blue, gray and black.

The company also introduced an automatic soap dispenser, called the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser. It detects when the hand is placed under it and releases soap. The device was thought to be “hands-free” in the context of the current pandemic. Xiaomi claims that the device, which costs only the equivalent of $ 14, releases the substance in a quarter of a second. The dispenser uses four AA batteries, which ensures the use of the device up to 375 times.

In addition to these two eye-catching products, Xiaomi also introduced a smartwatch, Mi Smart Band 5 fitness bracelet, a smart light bulb and a smart speaker in India.

The Chinese company has many strange products in its portfolio. In the past, Xiaomi has launched a toy robot called Mi Robot Builder, a cushion, pens and a smart flower pot.

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