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Will the Microsoft Surface Line End in 2019?


All the reports that have circulated about Microsoft planning on ending the Surface hardware in 2019 are fake. The news rely on speculation and nothing else is based on any information from the inside to hint that Microsoft would plan to kill off the Surface lineup.

Reports Point to Microsoft Losing Money on Hardware Device

The reports on the Register claimed that Microsoft would exist the product line because Microsoft is not hardware oriented, it’s a ‘software guy’. The also pinned it on the end of their smartphone line. There were other reasons such as not making money from their Surface line, and that it would make no sense for them to continue. But that’s just an opinion, founded on market researches and that’s all.

According to Gianfranco Lanci, the corporate president from Lenovo, Microsoft makes a great profit on software but also loses a lot on their devices. He thinks that Microsoft wouldn’t continue spending so much money on creating anymore hardware devices.

Microsoft Will Slow their Surface Production For a Bit

It’s only obvious that Microsoft has a huge profit when we’re looking at their software products but this doesn’t mean that Surface won’t be profitable. Their phone was expensive to make because they got Nokia, factories, employees and a lot of expenses on the side, but Surface will not pose such a great expense.

The only thing we can say for sure is that Surface production will be a little slower but this doesn’t mean that they will stop from creating any more devices.

However, we’re talking about Microsoft and anything could happen, but right now every report that looks at profits and concludes that they’ll end the Surface line ends in speculations.

Until there’s some insider information or at least an official announcement, we shouldn’t worry about the Surface’s future.

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