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WhatsApp Web Is Still Trying To Promote the Status Feature


Back in February the WhatsApp Status feature came to the messaging app replacing the old text status. The status update allowed you to post a story as your status, having it disappear after 24 hours, just like other stories. Many users disliked the update and they did not particularly enjoy the Snapchat-like style that was added to the app. Eventually, the application added text status updates back, but as it turns out, it is not ready to give up on Status.

WhatsApp Status added to WhatsApp Web

If previously WhatsApp Status was only available for mobile devices, now the application has decided to bring to a new area.  WhatsApp users that use the Web version will discover their new function. A small WhatsApp Status icon was added at the top, beside the New Message icon. A green dot will show you if there are any new status updates that you haven’t seen yet. If you click the icon it will take you to a Status window that will contain all the status updates. You can choose which of your contacts can see your WhatsApp status update and which ones are not allowed to.

Will this feature resist?

Since many users are not very excited about this update we have reason to wonder if WhatsApp Status will become a permanent feature. With so many complaints there is a chance that the app will remove it completely. However, considering that they just added it to the web version, it is very unlikely that they will give up on it anytime soon.

While this update did not bring something useful or wanted, rumor has it that WhatsApp will soon bring UPI to the app, which means you will be able to transfer money directly to other users.

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