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WhatsApp Gold Scam – How To Avoid It?


With more than 1, 5 billion active accounts each month WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for smart devices like smartphones and tablets. The internet is filled with several versions of WhatsApp, among which we can count GB WhatsApp, YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

These are modified versions of the app that grant access to a variety of features which are not offered by the normal version. While many of these mods are trustworthy there are certain APKs that are quite dangerous, since they will infect your device with malware.

And old virus that plagued WhatsApp users back in 2016 has returned and it seems that some were already affected. Unsuspecting users may receive a message that advertises a new WhatsApp version called WhatsApp Gold. The message claims that WhatsApp Gold is a premium version of the app that offers features which are not available in the normal version of the app. After receiving this message another one could arrive, prompting users to watch an interesting video called Martinelli.  In both cases we are talking about a smart trap that aims to infect your device with a nasty virus.


What happens if you click on the message?

If you click on any on the link a webpage will open and malware will be injected on your device. The messages will ask you the send them to your friends in order to fool more people. The malware is able to gain access to your personal data and send it to third-party entities that could sell it online or use it in order to commit other nefarious acts.

How to avoid the risks:

·       If you receive a suspicious web address in a message don’t tap on it.

·       Delete the message immediately even if you know the contact that sent it in the first place.

·       Use a strong antivirus app in order to prevent a possible infection.


If you see any message that advertises WhatsApp Gold or other shady offerings be sure to avoid them at all costs.

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