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Vipre Antivirus: A Strong Reliable PC Protection


Vipre having a success rating above 90 percent is one of the most effective antivirus software available to use. This antivirus has been on the game for 25 years now and it has seen a lot of development from its first years. It has been growing steadily to become one of the most reliable premium antivirus products out there.

Vipre is certified by both ICSA labs and West Coast Labs to provide a sufficient enough protection for your home or office computer system. It also scored 16.5 points out of the possible 18 points at AV-Test Institute’s antivirus evaluation. Its lab test results are almost as good as Avira, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender.

Malware protection

As for malware protection and prevention, the VIPRE antivirus scored above 80 percent as per the result of testing by third party testers and reliable tech sites like and It has a decent capability of detecting malware before it is launched through digital signatures and an above average success rate of preventing malware installation after running the .exe file.

Firewall capabilities

Vipre has a lot of features that help you manage the way your programs access the network and the internet, allowing you to set permissions and parameters. It has a lot of useful components that needs a little bit of work mastering that is related to its Firewall capabilities.

Prevent Phishing attacks

If you are worried about your personal information such as your login credentials for sensitive information sites, then VIPRE will be able to help you with that. They have a good mechanism in place that prevents attackers from collecting information from you maliciously.

The software is good at identifying attack URLs but they could still improve on it.

Social Watch

One of the neatest features that Vipre Antivirus software offers is their Social Watch component. This feature will allow you to check for dangerous links and threats that sneak their way in through social media posts and links.

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