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Tweak To Make iOS 10 Passcode Keypad Look Like iOS 11’s


A noticeable feature that comes with new OS is the passcode keypad. This is among the changes brought by iOS 11 for avid fans. However, it requires you to upgrade to iOS 11 in order to get the redesigned passcode keypad feature that you would surely love.

The problem with upgrading is that it would remove the jailbreak. If you like to get this new look on your passcode keypad, so you need to avoid upgrading. You only have to use the free jailbreak tweak, which is also codenamed as the Creamy iOS 10. This was developed by ijapija00 to mimic the aesthetic passcode keypad of iOS 11 for jailbroken devices.

After the installation, you would notice how this tweak would immediately modify the image of your passcode keypad. Likewise, you can go to the Settings in order to configure 2 options. Basically, you can toggle the tweak on demand on or off, as well as toggle the light mode as you like. The light mode can be used best with wallpapers that are dark, which might affect your visual comfort to view the passcode keypad. On the other hand, you can use the stock mode that should be compatible with wallpapers having lighter backgrounds.

The Creamy iOS 10 tweak should be a good option to replicate the look and feel of the passcode keypad of iOS 11. Take note that this might no look exactly as the real thing, but it is still hard to tell which is which.

The tweak can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss Repository. However, this would only work for iOS 10 jailbroken devices. The Creamy iOS 10 is a great option that you can use if you are keen about having a trendy look on your current iOS 10 device.

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