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How To Troubleshoot if Your Mozilla Firefox Browser Crashes


When a software crashes, there are a lot of reasons why it happened and a lot of factors need to be taken in consideration before we can be sure of what to do. In order to properly diagnose and troubleshoot such instances, much like when a human body gets sick, we look for symptoms and use tools that help in determining what is off.

One of the downside that has hit Mozilla Firefox’s popularity is its tendency to crash during start-up or while in the middle of using it. But like any true software, nothing is truly perfect off the box since the nature of technology being constantly changing sometimes makes it difficult for software developers to predict every possible scenario.

Luckily there are easy workarounds that have been determined to work on a number of Firefox crash scenarios.

  1. Does it crash before it can load?

a. If yes, then you can use Firefox safe mode to gain entry to the browser. This is done by combining the shift key and clicking the Firefox icon on your taskbar. In safe mode all your extensions or add ons will be disabled.

b. Or you could do new installation by first uninstalling your current installation and downloading the latest version from the Firefox website.

2. If it doesn’t crash during start-up there are a number of things you can do.

a. Sometimes a quick update to the latest version of Firefox should fix the Firefox crash problem. An update will ensure that you have installed all the new patches and updates from the developers that may have already fix your crash problem.

b. It could also be that your out-dated plugins have caused the crash. Check your plugins if they are in the latest versions. You might also want to check whether you are using deprecated plugins that haven’t been updated for a long time by its developer

c. A third scenario is that a virus or malware could be causing the problem for you, so be sure to make a full scan of your system using a reliable anti-virus software.

d. Lastly, you could also check if your O.S. has new updates. It would be safe to always get the latest patch of updates from your O.S. provided to ensure your system is fully protected

These are some of the known flaws of some of the most popular browsers on the web, check this article and find out if you are vulnerable!

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