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Top Gmail Hidden Features And Shortcuts


We’ve rounded up some pretty cool and valuable hidden features in Gmail as well as some visual aids and shortcuts that will make it even more powerful and loved by users. Here they are:

  1. Labs

We’ll start with Labs which is a testing ground for various experimental Gmail features that are not just ready to be rolled out. You should definitely check them out by heading to Settings and pressing the Lab tab.

  1. Shortcuts

If you go to Settings and scroll down to the Keyboard Shortcuts section, you will be able to see the entire list of Gmail’s shortcuts.

  1. Colorful stars

The starred messages feature is already very useful but you can make it even better. You can now choose which color you want to use and you’ll see that this is really handy because you’ll be able to search messages easier.

  1. Un-send messages

You have the ability to unsedn messages with Gmail. For this, head to Settings and check the Enable Undo Send option. That’s it!

  1. Add other accounts

In case you are using Gmail and other providers as well, you can now make your life much easier by managing all of your messages from one place only. Go to the app, tap the menu button and add an account by hitting the down arrow.

  1. Smart replies

You can reply to messages quickly by selecting one of the three smart reply options that are offered by Gmail.

  1. Mute threads

Just like with group conversations on WhatsApp, email threads can sometimes get annoying, but now you can mute them. Just open the message, click the More button and select Mute.

  1. Block annoying people

In case you didn’t know you have the option of blocking anyone by opening an email that you have received from them. You just have to hit the down-arrow next to the reply button and select Block. It’s that easy!

We hope that you’ll find these features useful and we invite you to try them all out!

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