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The Galaxy M41 could have the largest battery ever found on a Samsung phone


A successor to last year’s M31, the Galaxy M41 looks set to differentiate itself from the competition by using a very generous capacity battery.

After previous rumors described the cancellation of at least one prototype version, for problems related to the operation of the screen, Samsung Galaxy M41 reappears in the catalog of a South Korean certification authority under the code name EB-BM415ABY, complete with an incomplete set of specifications.

Galaxy M41, with large screen and an affordable price
According to details not directly confirmed by the manufacturer, the phone will come with a very generous 6800 mAh battery. Used in combination with a not very pretentious configuration, it could lead the autonomy to more than 5 days in normal use conditions.

Interestingly, the battery would be delivered not by Samsung SDI’s own factories, but by an external supplier – Ningde Amperex Technology.

If the new rumor is confirmed, it will be the Samsung phone with the largest battery capacity launched so far, surpassing the Galaxy M31 predecessor delivered with a “only” 6000 mAh battery.

The revelation also includes a presentation image with the new Galaxy M41, which unfortunately does not capture the real thickness of the phone. But being a Samsung product, we can hope that it will be a phone with a reasonable size, a bit thicker and heavier than an ordinary smartphone, but still within tolerable limits.

Entering the speculation part, we can expect the Galaxy M41 to have a 6.67 inch screen. Apparently, Samsung allegedly tried to work with China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), but the supplied OLED panels did not pass internal quality tests, leading to the cancellation of the planned launch event for an earlier date. Given the situation, it would not be out of the question for Samsung to opt for a different technical solution, such as an LCD screen in the “cheap and good” category, possibly also provided by an external partner.

For now, the Galaxy M41 does not have a launch date attached, but putting in context the imminent launch of a new Samsung factory in India, specializing in the production of screens, it would not be excluded that the Galaxy M41 will be among the first beneficiaries.

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