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Should You Update Your iPhone 6S To Pair With The Series 1 Apple Watch?


The iOS community has been wondering if pairing the iPhone 6S with the Series 1 Apple Watch is worth it even if it would cause them to lose the jailbreak.

If you have your iPhone 6S jailbroken, the iOS version should be at 10.2. However, you should at least have your device updated to the latest version before you can pair it with the Series 1 Apple Watch.

Thus, before pairing your iPhone 6S to this type of watch from Apple, you have to consider the following conditions.

  • Update your iPhone 6S to its latest iOS version. However, don’t forget to backup the content.
  • From the iPhone, look for the Watch app. Then, go to My Watch > General > Usage > Software Update. If you can see any update file, delete it.
  • If there are any beta profiles installed for your Apple Watch or iPhone before restarting both of them.
  • You need to restart both your devices normally. You can do this by closing the Watch app on your iPhone 6S first. At the same time, turn them off, but restart the iPhone first.
  • At this point, you need to un-pair, then, re-pair the Series 1 Apple Watch. This will cause the watchOS to update as part of the process.

In a recent update released by Yalu jailbreak team, iOS versions 10.3.2, 10.3.1, to 10.2.1 may not have a chance to be jailbroken yet. Moreover, although the Pangu team released a demo for an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak, it is not a guarantee that it would be released to the public anytime soon.

Therefore, if you really want to pair your iPhone 6S to your Series 1 Apple Watch, you need to sacrifice losing your jailbreak.

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