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Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus & Samsung Galaxy J7 are Getting the October Security Patch


There should be no wonder that the first second when you hear ‘security patch’, you think of Samsung. And this is because they have been consequent in quickly updating their devices to the latest updates containing security fixes. The company is known to roll out frequent updates for all categories of devices, no matter if they are mid-range or flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy Phones – Now Updated to the Latest Security Patch

Right now, the devices that are getting Over the Air Updates are the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 – the version of software being G950FXXU1AQI9, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with the same version of software as the Samsung Galaxy S8, having a size of 429.90 MB.

We will also see one of the Galaxy J series device, a mid-range smartphone that also gets the security patch version J730GMUBU2AQJ2. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

All Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones from Europe should have already received this update and it will spread worldwide in a few days. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro smartphones from Mexico are currently getting the security patch, with a worldwide spread to all Galaxy J7 Pro devices later on.

But what’s new in this update? We will see Dex Mode among all the security improvements.

Tips: How to Prepare for the New Update

Remember to have enough energy on your smartphone, about 60% battery, to avoid failures while you run the installation. Our recommendation is that you also download the update via Wi-Fi and not Mobile Data!

What About the Android Oreo Update?

If you came here looking for information on Android Oreo for Samsung, then you should know that the company hasn’t given any details on when they are going to push the update, but we know that they have always had fast releases in terms of OS. Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus can be updated to Android Oreo. As for the J series, only the 2017 devices will receive the newest OS; this includes Samsung Galaxy J7v, J7 Max, J7 Pro and J7 Prime.

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