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Pokemon Go Available to Download with New AR Photography Mode


Being the big moment for AR games was what Pokemon Go was supposed to do, which means that the industry could have become better. However, at launch, its capabilities were not good at all and not even now all of them are useful because when a Pokemon is fixed to your screen, it is easier to catch it.

Taking into consideration that practice makes perfect, the AR tech of Pokemon Go has gotten better over time, and finally, the game will introduce a feature that most its fans were waiting for: an AR photography mode.

In the beginning, people were confused about the fact that they could not take a picture of the pokemons they would catch. There was no error. The feature was just not implemented. You could only screenshot it, and then later a photo mode could be added, so it allowed you to take pictures of the wild encounters.

Finally, you can now take pictures of the pokemons you own no matter when. All trainers over level 5 can now get the update on their Android devices. Unfortunately, if you own an iOS device, you can’t do this at the moment, but the updates will be rolled out for you too soon.

Because people got excited about this new feature that got included in the Pokemon GO, a new trend resulted from that: #GOsnapshot. Using this hashtag players are now sharing all the pictures they have of their favorite catches. Even though this feature does not sound that impressive, it took the developers of the game a while to make it happen due to technical hurdles.

According to Niantic, new shadows are used by GO Snapshot for each pokemon so as they arrive into a scene it displays a sense of motion and size.

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