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Why You should Play Clash of Clans on PC

If you are a serious gamer and a fan of one of the most heavily played mobile games since the flappy bird (kidding) then you need to play Clash of Clans on PC.

Clash of Clans being one of the most successful games produced by Supercell is an online strategy game wherein you get to control an army and a base. Over time and through winning battles you will get to upgrade your base and enhance your army’s capability. You will also get to join a clan, which is where the name of the game came from.

If you are someone who likes their graphics bigger, then you need to play Clash of Clans on your Personal Computer (PC).

The obvious advantages of playing mobile games via the PC are as follows:

The Screen is Bigger

If you are big on graphics, then it would make sense that you want to play all your favorite mobile games on your personal computer instead. Looking at the Clash of Clans game, it would definitely enhance your gaming experience when everything from the walls down to the barbarians is magnified. Giving you a better view of what goes on as you attack your enemies or as they attack your base.

The Hardware is more Capable

Sometimes the memory of our mobile devices poses a hindrance in the overall user experience. With the PCs much larger memory capacity and processing power, playing Clash of Clans can be a seamless and totally fun experience. Any hardware limitations that you may have experienced from playing it on a mobile device is potentially erased.

You’ll be able to Play Better

If you have fat thumbs, then playing Clash of Clans on PC is the better option for you. The difficulty you have experienced on accurately placing your units or buildings on the first try due to a small screen is effectively remedied.

Learn more about the Clash of Clans Update to Fix the War Matching Algorithm.

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