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OnePlus 5T Leaked Info – Should Samsung Worry?


OnePlus developers are working on a new smartphone that could look like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or like the iPhone X, from Apple.

This information came with the leaked image from Slashleaks, on October 12th, that shows a smartphone with a huge display, almost no bezels and no home button. The only bezel to be seen is the top one that has the frontal camera and the earpiece. In the image we can see four buttons, most probably used for volume, power and locking the phone.

Other details that would hint some of the specs are not included in the leak, and we don’t have a leaked image with the back of the smartphone to give us any idea about the main camera or a fingerprint sensor.

It’s Either Going to be a OnePlus 5T this Year or a OnePlus 6 the Next Year

It has been known that OnePlus is working on a new device but there is nothing out there about when they will launch it or how it will be called. Some of the rumors would point to this device being called OnePlus 5T, while others say that there will not be a OnePlus 5T at all and the device that is currently in development is the OnePlus 6 that will come next year.

There is no certainty that the leak from Slashleaks is real and if it really is about the OnePlus 5T device and looking at the secrecy levels from OnePlus, we’re surely not going to find anything else before the official announcements.

If it’s true about the OnePlus 5T and it’s getting here this year, then OnePlus should hurry up for the holidays are coming. And in order to get some orders, OnePlus should also announce the details on their smartphone if they want people to add their new smartphone on their shopping list.

Will OnePlus 5T be an alternative to Samsung Galaxy S8? What do you think: Should Samsung worry about it or not?

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