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Nintendo Had A Great Fiscal Year: Impressive Numbers


Nintendo has published its financial earning for last year, offering us the opportunity to peek into the company’s sales numbers. Nintendo products, such as the Switch console and Switch exclusives, hit a new high with their sales.


Impressive Numbers

The fiscal year ended at the end of last month, positioning Nintendo among the top sellers, with 16.95 million Switch consoles sold worldwide. Although the company was planning to sell 3 million units more, the numbers still represent a great achievement, increasing yearly sale rates by 12.7%.

Will The Switch Console Become Nintendo’s Top Selling Product?

The Wii U, Nintendo’s previous main product in the consoles category, sold 13.56 million units, which is not the best performance they could have gotten. The Nintendo Switch managed to surpass those numbers. It has been at an extremely high rate ever since its release two years ago. However, the Wii, Nintendo’s most sold console with a profit of 101.63 million, remains undefeated. We are excited to find out if the Switch can beat its sales.

Software sales also worked smoothly for Nintendo this year. The Switch exclusives also sold incredibly well.

Plans For The New Fiscal Year

This fiscal year has just begun, but Nintendo seems to still be on a roll. Many more exclusives are planned to launch in 2019. Their expected sale numbers are as high as their predecessors’. New exclusives include a couple of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield.

Rumors say Nintendo is plotting to launch a cheaper version of the Switch gaming console, as soon as this summer.  Nonetheless, while responding to these reports, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said their plans for 2019 do not include any new hardware.

Anyway, we are going to keep a close eye on Nintendo.

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