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Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Book – Release Date Speculation


The Surface devices are some of the most popular Microsoft products and the company continues to release new models every year. This year Microsoft released both the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop. And many users believe that two other products are on the way. There are reasons to believe that the Surface Studio and the Surface book will be unveiled next month.

Panos Pany will be present at the Future Decoded event

Future Decoded is an upcoming Microsoft event that will take place in London in October. However, Surface fans noticed something hints toward a possible Surface unveiling. Panos Panay, the head of Surface will also be present at the Future Decoded event. That is reason enough to believe that the company will finally release the latest Surface products. It is very unlikely that Panos Panay will be present without announcing something Surface-related.

The time interval is right

Additionally, the timeline can confirm a possible October release. Back in 2015, Microsoft launched the Surface Book and last year in October it also released an update for it. Surface Studio was also released in the same period. Therefore, if the tech giant respects the interval, next month should be the ideal moment for some a new generation of Surface Products. Besides, it would be nice to receive updates for all the Surface products, since Surface Laptop and Surface Pro were already unveiled earlier this year.

The Surface products should update their internals

There is another argument that would justify an October release. The Surface products could use an update, considering that Intel, a manufacturer that works with Microsoft, has announced some new processors. Surface Book and Surface Studio should keep up with the latest technologies so they could use an update.

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