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Microsoft Surface Phone Leaks – Here’s What You Should Know About It


Microsoft hasn’t officially announced their Surface phone, but online reports have provided detailed information about the Microsoft product. This smartphone needs to be flawless in order to handle its old rivals, Google and Android, and this is why Microsoft is delaying the release of Surface Phone. The latest Microsoft phone, Lumia 950 didn’t win the users’ fans and it wasn’t exactly a hit on the market. According to various sources, the upcoming smartphone is still being tested and Microsoft is very secretive about that. However, we managed to find out some details and we are here to share them with you.

More than a smartphone

The most intriguing rumor is that Microsoft isn’t trying to create a smartphone. Apparently, Surface will be an innovation, a new kind of device. According to Ryan Gavin, the general manager for Microsoft Surface, the upcoming smartphone “will not resemble what we know and think of as a phone today.” Some even speculate that it will feature a foldable display, which would be really impressive.

Microsoft’s new operating system Andromeda

Microsoft will remove Windows 10 Mobile and it will replace it with the Andromeda OS. The company finally realized that Windows 10 Mobile isn’t necessary and they found an efficient solution to unify the Windows 10 platform. This news means that Windows 10 can finally become one, now that Windows 10 Mobile won’t be needed anymore. And it is all thanks to the Andromeda operating system.

Reports from credible sources confirmed that Andromeda will have Composable Shell, which mean that Windows 10 will be able to adapt to any size screen, no matter the device. Additionally, Andromeda will use Window 10’s development SKU instead of working on a development SKU for Windows 10 mobile.

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  1. WarrioR_AbsolutE says

    Andromeda was a Google thing that has been cancelled… check your sources better.

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