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The Main Benefit In Using Mozilla Firefox 64-Bit


The Mozilla Firebox browser is one of the most widely used browsers to surf the Internet. And it has been a close contender to the number one spot with Internet Explorer during its first decade. Firefox is an Open Source software that has been developed in order to maintain openness and innovation on the Internet. It was developed by a team of developers willing to share their talent with the noble belief that the Internet should be a place for community sharing.

The Firefox browser has indeed come a long way since it first started out. This browser driven not only by profit but by purpose and its non-profit creed has improved over the years to cope with the growing demand of Internet users. Before its 43rd version release, the Firefox browser only came out as a 32-bit application for PC, Linux, and Mac users alike. It was only until this version that Mozilla Firefox gave the option to its users to download and install a 64-bit version of the browser.


The main reason for the browser’s move to a 64-bit application boils down to a memory issue. Since the continued growth of the Internet, web browsing demanded more and more memory since more complicated websites and web applications were created. The 32-bit version of the browser only allowed the used of 4 Gigabytes of memory to be divided among the number of Firefox tabs and windows opened. This proved to be a problem for users opening a lot of tabs when using the browser, not to mention heavy web-applications that require more memory to run.

But remember that despite this enhancement the Firefox 64-bit version still has some setbacks. A quick Google search would even reveal that there are still scenarios that would make the Firefox 32-bit version the better browser to use.

If you have doubts as to whether which version to use, take time to check out Mozilla Firefox’s website first for a quick consultation before choosing between the 32-bit and the 64-bit.

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