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Jailbreaking iOS 11 and What You Need to Know About Firmware Tweaks


Apple’s iOS 11 was scheduled for release on September 19 and fans are currently wondering whether the jailbreak for the iOS will be possible or not. This happens mainly due to the previous failed attempt from the Jailbreak community.

iOS 11 beta, already jailbroken

According to the Jailbreak community, it looks like the iOS 11 beta has already been jailbroken. At the 2017 Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai, there was a group of security researchers who demoed a fully functional jailbreak for iOS 11 beta two firmware including iOS 10.3.2.

Apple then released more beta version, but it’s not very clear if the upcoming iOS will be able to be jailbroken as well.

Jailbreak involves sticking to the current version because upgrading to a new iOS the jailbreak might get deleted and its apps and tweaks as well. As a conclusion, it might be best not to upgrade to the current version of the iOS 11.

What you need to know about firmware tweaks

All jailbreak users should have a tool such as TSSSaver which allows them to save their SHSH blobs while still having the firmware installed. This would also enable them to upgrade/downgrade to an unofficial iOS until the release of a new jailbreak version.

The use of firmware tweaks requires caution because some of them (even Binge) will force the device to restore and as a result, the jailbreak ability will be wiped off.

There’s also another tweak called iFile which enable users to delete and tinker file system, and it’s important to note that this one can also cause a data error and it will force your device to restore as well.

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