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iPad Pro 2018 Issue Finally Addressed by Apple


A new controversy is rising on the internet as many users claim that their new iPad Pro 2018 bended after a few days of use. Apple has released a support document that tackles the issue and mentions that what many seem to perceive as a flaw is in fact caused by the interesting manufacturing process.

In order to enable access to good signal the small bands that can be seen on the sides of the device grant a cellular antenna function to select parts of the enclosure. In the case of the new model these bands are now made by using a process named co-molding. This involves the injection of molten plastic into channels that are present in the aluminum enclosure. As the plastic cools, a bond is established between itself and the pores that can be found on the aluminum surface. This leads to a unique fusion between aluminum and plastic.

The process is the key that allowed the new iPad Pro models to be so flat. Since the devices are so thin any deviations are now more visible if users look at their device from select angles.

Those that are unhappy with their device are encouraged to contact Apple in order to solve the problem. The Cupertino company offers a 14-day return period, allowing users to exchange their product or get their money back. A one-year international warranty is also available for all the devices sold by Apple.

This is not the first bending controversy that affects Apple. When the iPhone 6 Plus was released many users discovered that the device started to bend after it was kept in their pockets. This led to a massive scandal that was known as ‘’Bendgate’’.

Apple has previously declared that some iPad Pro models are affected by a side effect that takes place when the components are cooling after the bonding process but the situation doesn’t look very promising.

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