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iOS Update For Skype Brings Improved Features


Recently, iOS received a new update for Skype from Microsoft which will improve the users’ experience as well as the application’s performance and stability. More exactly, the update for iOS will make improvements to the sign-in process in order to refine the process of signing in for the users. The update looks to simplify this process when Skype users proceed to sign into their accounts, and also brings mood messages into the mix.

The latest Skype update for iOS (v. 8.4.3) has as the main focus a better usability of the application and that includes making easier for its users to sign back into their accounts more easily. Another addition that the update brings is adding dates to when messages were sent in chat, a welcomed feature that will improve the Skype experience and will let the users know when were the messages sent in order to clarify any confusions.

However, the mood message feature of the latest update is the user’s own update in Skype. The mood message can be easily compared to Facebook Status or WhatsApp About, because it lets other people know what their friends are up to or what mood they are in.

This Skype update brought by Microsoft is nothing new, since the company has been revamping the application across different platforms in order to improve the overall performance and stability. For instance, last week, Microsoft worked on Skype’s desktop interface, getting an overhaul with the rollout of Skype Preview, which also brought more features like an upgraded notification panel, message reactions, @mentions, new chat media gallery and enhanced group calls.

Furthermore, at the beginning of this month, Skype for Android received as well an update with a number of features, such as: stability improvements, activity indicators, chat re-ordering and chat themes. Nonetheless, the giant software company is focusing on bettering their applications and making their users content.

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