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iOS 11 Update – Everything We Know So Far About The Newest Apple OS


Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for the new iOS 11 for a while now.

Luckily, users already had a chance to try it out since Apple released a beta version for it. However, the official version wasn’t launched, but many say that it will be unveiled on September 12. Let’s take a look at all the known iOS 11 details.

When will Apple release iOS?

According to various sources, Apple will have its annual iPhone event on September 12. It is very likely that they will also release iOS 11 then.

How to download iOS 11?

Right now you can’t get the final version of iOS 11, although it is on its way and the wait is almost over. However, if you really want to test the new iOS you can get the public beta. But you have to be careful, beta means that the work is still in progress so you will encounter plenty of bugs. To be safe, you shouldn’t install the public beta on your main device. If you do not like the beta version you can also downgrade back to iOS 10.

Brand new features

Apple users have a lot of reasons to be excited. The new OS comes with numerous additions. By the end of te month, you will receive a file management system, a brand new Control Center, Apple Pay payments and a Do Not Disturb mode for driving. Also, multitasking will be easier and you can drag-and-drop from app to app. And the list does not end here. The Messages app will receive some minor improvements as well, with some new screen effects and an iMessage app drawer. Additionally, the Notification Center will be named Cover Sheet and it will come with some slight tweaks

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