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iOS 11 Best Features and Improvements Available


With the upcoming iPhone X and all the uproar caused by the incredible price and the equally incredible features, the iOS 11 has received less attention.

But we’re here to fix it and tell you the most important features on the newest Apple mobile platform. The apps will get some love with this new iOS, the Camera and Photos get more effects and filters, Maps are improved and so on. There’s also the Do not Disturb Mode that will know when you are driving and whenever you get a call or a notification, the phone will block them and will automatically send a reply message to those who try to reach you. If you’re a journalist you’ll be able to use the Markup option that will let you open and annotate your screenshots in no time.

The iOS 11 is more amazing on the iPad which get more love by allowing it to become a mix of laptop and tablet. The iPad will get a file-browser app under the name Files, it will let you access files from third party cloud services (Dropbox, for example) and local files. There’s also the option of dragging and dropping texts and images from an app to another. The keyboard gets an option that will let you type symbols and numbers faster than before.

There are also some changes in the Dock, now it will show you your favorite apps, adding a section in the right with the three most used apps. That dock is also available to pull upward from the bottom of the screen while running other apps in order to access and switch other apps faster.

Both the iPad and the iPhone will get a Control Center that is criticized over its low security regarding Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

All in all the iOS is promising, addressing issues that concern app management, fast shifting from one app to another, upgrading devices to a better version.

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