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iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak New Improvements, Fixes and Support


Users that wanted to jailbreak their iOS 10.2.1 can finally take advantage of the Saigon jailbreak file. This file was previously available to iOS developers. But right now, everyone who wants to jailbreak their iOS can sideload the IPA file on their device and start jailbreaking it without requiring a user to be a developer.

New Version of Saigon – Features, Fixes and Support

There have been several issues at the beginning, but they have been fixed. The newest version of Saigon tool has a changelog with all the new features and fixes:

  1. The camera is fixed and properly working.
  2. The Saigon tool has support for iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2
  3. There have been some minor changes and bug fixes
  4. Better at escaping sandbox than the previous version
  5. You can reinstall Cydia with holding ‘jailbreak’ button and tapping it afterwards.
  6. The model and version of the device is now displayed.

One of the most important fix is the first one, considering that the camera is one of the most used features in these devices. And when people jailbreak their phone, they expect to gain new features and access to something that was denied. Losing features was very sad, but fortunately developers have fixed this issue.

The new support for iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 is related with the last week’s events, when the IPA file was available to only a few devices. It appears that the updated Saigon can support the three Apple devices that we’ve mentioned above.

Jailbreakers have had a very hard time keeping up with iOS updates, making them choose between the original new operating systems or the older versions that can be jailbroken.

Developers are Working on Saigon Jailbreak

Although it was recently launched, the Saigon Jailbreak tool is great. Users might encounter some issues from time to time with jailbreaking tools, but remember that even Apple goes through similar issues when they launch a new iOS version.

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