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Google Pixel 5, confirmed with real pictures


Expected to launch on September 30, the new Pixel 5 model comes with a design very similar to its Pixel 4 predecessor, Google opting for a conventional design that will please as many users as possible.

Appearing on Twitter, the first clear pictures with the new Pixel series capture a prototype copy covered with numerous identification tags, but visible enough to form an opinion about the design chosen by Google.

Pixel 5, a budget flagship?

First of all, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the surprised design will be a temporary one, the retail version of the phone receiving various optimizations and higher quality finishes. According to the evidence presented, the Pixel 5 could be delivered in a polished metal case, finished by painting in different colors. But most likely it is polycarbonate (plastic), a much cheaper material that can give finishes with the look as in the picture above, without resorting to expensive finishing methods.

Another argument against metal construction would be the option for wireless charging. Included, according to the latest rumors, in the arsenal of Pixel 5, this technology does not work in combination with an exclusively metal case.

Bounded by a square trim, the 12.2MP main sensor camera will additionally deliver only an ultra-wide module for close-up photos, with Google giving up the Tele (zoom) module available with the Pixel 4 / 4a series.

Reminiscent of the low-cost phones of a few years ago, the Pixel 5 comes with a fingerprint sensor located on the back. This is probably the cheapest way to implement the fingerprint sensor on a smartphone case, currently available.

However, the Pixel 5 will not be a cheap phone, rumors so far indicating the amount of $ 699. A significant contribution to the resulting price will also have 5G technology, included as standard on the Pixel 5 series.

The configuration seems to be based on the Snapdragon 765G chipset, a solution that is even top notch, but which leaves a budget for a more balanced level of features. The phone with dimensions of 144.7 x 70.4 x 8.1mm (8.5mm with camera trim) will house a 4000 mAh battery, significantly larger than the 2800 mAh supplied with the predecessor Pixel 4. The list of features could be completed with 6.2 inch screen ( 90Hz, OLED), 8GB RAM, fast charging function (within a power limit of 15W) and 8MP front camera.

Most likely, for detailed presentation images and the full list of specifications we will have to wait for the launch event ready for the end of this month.

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