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Google Earth Pro Update Download Available with Bug Fixes


Google Earth Pro is the last version available. Google Earth Pro has some issues and the new update was designed to fix them. If your copy of Google Earth Pro doesn’t have any problems you do no need to update it.

Bug fixes

The new update focuses on various issues. For example, Google Earth Pro will now look to see if there is a “My Places” has been already set by the free version of Google Earth. If there is one, the update will use it. That way, users won’t have to deal with lost “My Places” folders after upgrading from Google Earth “Free” to Google Earth Pro.

If you already experienced this error, you will be able to solve it by using the Repair Tool in the new Google Earth Pro In order to do that you need to go to the Help section and select Launch Repair Tool. After that exit the application and select Google Earth Pro in the Repair Too menu. Choose Restore Default Settings, close the Repair Tool and restart the Google Earth Pro application.

Windows users get a fix mechanism that is able to detect incompatible graphics cards. This came after users encountered he “black globe” issue. With this fix, you can switch over to DirectX automatically.

Why you should upgrade to Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro has several features that are not available in the free version. With the upgraded version you access some advanced tools that are very useful especially for businesses.  For example, Google Earth Pro offers you high-resolutions images that you can print and it allows you to use Movie Maker and create videos. This version also allows you to map GIS data very quickly and it has measurement tools that are ideal if you want to compute distances.

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