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Google Chrome Will Block Sound on Video Autoplay


Google Chrome is perhaps the number one web and mobile browser in the world. Although there are some voices of dissent that beg to differ, the truth of the matter remains: Google Chrome is one of the most popular apps in its category. It’s definitely in the top three, and that’s not just because it has the big Google brand attached to it. Google Chrome is a functional, useful and truly unique browser that can fulfill a myriad of web-based needs.

And the best part about Google Chrome is that it is constantly evolving and getting better. Now it’s time for Google Chrome to get another new feature that many users have been hoping to see for a while now. Google Chrome will finally block automatic sound on video autoplay within its browsing space. This is something that is more than welcome, for sure.

No More Autoplay

We’ve all had those days when we were trying to look up something on the Internet and had a lot of tabs open, and then one of them starts talking or singing out of nowhere. It was easy to mute it, sure, but no one can deny that it was annoying to have to find it and then mute it. And the most annoying part is that it distracted you in the first place. But that will soon be over, because Google Chrome is further restricting the content that can be displayed within it, as well as the ways in which it is displayed.

This brand new measure will be implemented in January 2018 as soon as Chrome 64 officially launches. Google Chrome calls this feature ‘unified autoplay’, which is quite descriptive of what it is. So in January 2018 unified autoplay will hit Google Chrome 64, and we will all be way happier.

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