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Google Chrome Updated the ‘chrome://flags page’ and it’s Live in Chrome Canary


Google is redesigning the chrome://flags page in their Chrome browser, aiming to make their browser more modern. The flags page shows all their features that are still experimental and are not all ready to be used on Chrome or these features might change the ones that are already public.

The new version of chrome://flags page has some things improved but not many users will be pleased about the changes.

Among the changes, you can see a search box inside the page, so now you don’t have to use F3 to find what you were looking for. Right now, there are two categories: experiments that can work on different operating systems and experiments that will only work on a certain operating system.

For example, if you are a Windows user, you won’t see Chrome OS or Android experiments in the ‘available’ list.

The new version of chrome://flags page will show all unavailable experiments at the end of the list, after those available. There aren’t two different tabs, although it looks like it, so you will find all of them on the same page.

Some UI changes involve making the font a little larger, listing flags in a centered fashion, and moving the enable/disable /default button to the right for a better user experience that would be great on touch devices.

Bad News For Some Users that Like Detailed Descriptions

Among the displeased users, we’ll find those that don’t like that the big white space and a larger font will list less experiments, and they would have to slide or scroll to see more to the end of the page. Another issue is that every experiment that has a longer description will have its description cut off when it reaches the enable/disable/default button to the right. So, if you want to read it all, you must access that exact experiment and read the whole text to see what are the operating systems that are supported or not for it.

The new version of the page is now available in Chrome Canary and will have to stay there for a few more months to get to the stable channel. So, until it goes live, things may change.

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