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Google Assistant vs. Samsung’s Bixby – The Digital AI Assistant Battle


AI assistants have become tremendously popular in the last couple of years and that also makes them profitable for the biggest tech companies in the world. Each of the big players have released a digital AI assistant in one form or another. While it all started out with Apple’s Siri, many alternatives have spawned in the meanwhile, ranging from Google’s Assistant AI to Microsoft’s Cortana and most recently Samsung’s own Bixby. Speaking of Bixby, many are wondering whether Samsung is just promoting this fellow as a gimmick meant to help sell more phones or if it’s actually a useful feature. Today we are putting it to the test against Google Assistant.

Most of the times, there are good things you can see in an app despite how far behind it is in comparison with its competition. However, unlike most of the times, this is a time where Samsung fans and enthusiasts curious about Bixby should turn around or cover their eyes. There are pretty discouraging things to say about Bixby, especially in comparison to Google Assistant. If you decide to venture on, prepare yourself as we begin.

Bixby vs. Google Assistant, voice vs. no voice

The thing about digital AI is that usually people are attracted to the voice part. You can use your voice to search for stuff or give your phone orders. That’s literally more than half the magic behind this kind of feature. Google Assistant doesn’t disappoint in this category and offers voice support which lets you search for things online but also give your phone different commands. With Bixby on the other hand, things are a little more complicated. To keep it simple, there is no voice support. Samsung has decided to start with Korean and support for English is still on the way, somewhere in the future. It will take a while before everyone with a Samsung phone will be able to use Bixby Voice.

Control Panel

When opening the control panel or front page – whatever you want to call it – for Bixby, you will be greeted by a rather minimalistic interface that is reminiscent of Google Now. The thing is, if you want Google Now, you might as well use Google Now, because it’s better in every aspect.

Google Assistant is baked into Google’s plethora of services and has access to Google’s long list of utilities. This makes it incredibly helpful for those that want to get things done quicker through AI.


No matter how much you would want Bixby to be the innovative, amazing service that it was promised to be, there’s just no reason to use Bixby if you already have access to Google’s Assistant AI technology. The latter is just better and provides much more features and support.

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  1. Jack Smith says

    Sitting with my kids in garage that points west while thunderstorms are coming up. We turns the lights of. Time to go inside and say to my watch “hey google turn garage on” and the lights turn on and safe to walk inside.

    Out on my long run and have a great idea and say “hey google remember whatever”. Then think will be home in 30 minutes and ask Google to turn down the AC as we have Nest.

    This is already my world and will be the future. They key is having the Assistant across home, watch, phone, car, PC, etc. Only Google can do that.

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