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Essential and Moto Mods Competing for Which Has the Best Modular Solution


‘Modular’ is a term which has been circulating a lot lately. So of course Moto Z and LG G5 tried this idea to see how it goes. Along the way LG G5 gave up on it and Moto Z is rocking the modular design.

There is also the Essential smartphone which came out in 2017 and is rocking a modular design too. Essential has two connectors that will attach the modular accessory (the 360° camera), making it sleeker.

Which Phone has a Better Modular Accessory?

While the Essential phone is just out on the market, Motorola has had their modular design to which they added a lot of mods since they released their concept a year earlier.

Until now Essential has only one accessory which was developed but plan on creating more. On one hand, Moto Z looks like it’s incomplete if you take out the modular camera and a lot of users prefer to let it sit nicely in the rear case rather than taking it out and leaving a missing piece out.

Essential’s design is more subtle by having two magnetic pins that connect to the back of the phone. There are two small dots that show something is missing from the phone, unlike the huge hole at the back of the Moto Z. Essential will provide wireless data transfer between the modular accessories and the phone while Moto Z uses a physical connector for transferring data.

Looking at these two competitors each one comes with pros and cons on the same modular idea. It all depends on what you really want: Wi-Fi modular accessory with a minimal design or a more reliable physical connection between the modular accessory and the phone. We must either trust Essential to get more mods for their phone or Motorola to improve their design in the future.

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