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[Download] Microsoft Edge Browser Available for Android and iOS


Microsoft’s previous browser, Internet Explorer generated thousands and thousands of jokes and everyone is aware of its infamous slowness. However, the tech giant was ready to change some things and a new beginning was marked by the release of the Edge browser. We can’t say yet that it is a serious rival for other powerful browsers such as Firefox or Chrome, but we have to admit that it is a huge improvement.

There hasn’t been an official release yet and there won’t be one until late November or early December. However, you can join the beta program and try it out earlier. Here is where you can sign up for it and get access to the Microsoft Edge Preview for iOS and Android.

Mobile phones will receive Microsoft’s Edge browser

Until now this browser was not available on other platforms, but it appears that Microsoft took a surprise decision. Both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android will receive the Edge browser.

The original Edge HTML engine won’t necessarily be the one that is used since some changed are needed in order to make it compatible. For example, on Ios third-party developers will be needed so that the browsers will use safari’s WebKit. When it comes to Android, the Edge browser will need Chrome’s blink engine.

The features of the Edge browser

This browser will allow you to use the Hub View in order to sync your PC with your iOS or Android. Edge also comes with an InPrivate mode that will keep your browsing data private, and a built-in QR Code Reader support.

Additionally, you will notice that the URL bar is placed at the top of the screen instead of the bottom and a New tab page can be found on all pages.

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