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[Download] iOS 11.1 Update with a New Emoji Batch


Like it or not, emojis are an important Apple trademark, and they have inspired various others tech companies, sometimes to the point of imitation. Since nowadays every device and OS tries to come up with its own emojis, Apple has to stay on top of the game, by being one step ahead. Right now, the tech giant is working on the upcoming iOS 11.1 update that will also come with a wide range of Unicode 10 emojis. Apple has already released the first beta for the update, and now it appears that the second one is available for beta testers.

Apple comes with several new symbols

If you are curious about the new emojis you should know that they bring a lot of new things. For example, users will be able to use fantasy icons such as vampires, wizards, fairies, witches and mermaids. Additionally, there will be new faces such as shushing face, face vomiting, crazy face and more. There are also some emojis that received some small changes, in order to look more realistic.

“The new emoji are designed to reveal every detail and adapted from approved characters in Unicode 10. iOS 11.1 will also include characters announced on World Emoji Day like Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Breastfeeding, Zombie, Person in Lotus Position and new food items such as Sandwich and Coconut. Also included in the update is the Love-You Gesture, designed after the “I love you” hand sign in American Sign Language,” Apple declared a while ago.

You should also know that the new emojis will be available on all Apple OS: “The new emoji will debut in next week’s developer and public beta previews of iOS 11.1, and will be available in upcoming software updates for iOS, macOS and watchOS.”

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