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[Download] iOS 11.0.2 Update to Fix the Crackling Sounds Problem


IOS 11 has been released two weeks ago and there has been a lot excitement surrounding it. Nevertheless, we already know that is hard to come up with an operating system that is flawless, so users have already reported some issues when it comes to this OS. For example, there have been some problems with Microsoft mail. and Exchange accounts could not send any emails when they used the Mail app, but Apple has already released the iOS 11.0.1 update in order to fix this.

However, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus users had an issue that appeared to be more serious. They heard an intermittent crackling sound during FaceTime and voice calls. Feedback proved useful once again, and Apple acknowledged this bug right away. Many users worried that this is a hardware issue and the company will have to take the phones of the market, but luckily for them, everything was solved with a simple update.

The iOS 11.0.2 update brings the promised fix

Apple promised to fix this issue and they honored the promise. This is the second OS update in the past two weeks, but it is good to know that the company is looking at the users’ feedback, and the team works hard to repair the problems as soon as possible. The iOS 11.0.2 update will get rid of that noise, and you can make calls again without having to worry about it.

This new update comes with other fixes as well. For example, some users reported that some of their photos are hidden. Other devices were not able to open attachments in S/MIME-encrypted emails. The new iOS 11.0.2 update will solve all these problems.

In order to get this update head over to Settings >General > Software update.

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