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[Download] Google Chrome Flags Page Update with New Improvements


Google Chrome is hands down the most widely used browser in the world for both PCs and mobile devices. Although at times users were conflicted about it due to its slow loading after a certain tab count was passed, Chrome has done more than make up for it in the past months. In fact, Google Chrome is presently the best browser on the market and there’s no denying that. With its major contender Firefox having fallen in the background, Chrome is left unchallenged on the browser market.

‘Over the past months, countless parts and features within Google Chrome got makeovers. Now it’s time for the flags page to get one too. Google Chrome’s flags page is a hidden little secret feature located at chrome://flags where hundreds of features in the browser can be toggled on and off, switched and intermixed. And while this nifty little page within the depths of Google Chrome has always stayed useful, with the number of flags having grown tremendously it seemed a bit counterproductive to have it stay the same. So Google gave it a makeover.

What’s New

Here is everything that is new with the flags page in Google Chrome:

  • Larger touch targets which improves response on mobile devices
  • Updated color scheme
  • Modern typography for better visual effect
  • Simplified warning blurb
  • Available and Unavailable flags are now separated by a new tab interface
  • In page flag search for improved filtering
  • A significantly better search experience for mobile devices
  • Chrome version number is now displayed on the page

This is everything that is new within the flags page on Google Chrome. This improves functionality, responsiveness and overall usability of the page, especially on mobile devices. What do you think about these new changes in Google Chrome’s flag page? Let us know in the comments below.

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