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[Download] Chrome V62 Update with Improved Features and Surprises


Google Chrome is perhaps the most popular web browser used and it has been once more updated. The new V62 update can be downloaded already and it brings many new features.

Plenty of improved features and surprises

The Chrome update brings API’s for developers, a revamped new User interface and other new features.

Once updates, Google Chrome will receive a fresh look, named Chrome Home. The cleaner version brings the URL bar on the bottom on the windows and it has no label on it as in previous versions. Downloads, bookmarks and history options now have little icons at the bottom of the new tab menu.

A new Media Capture API will allow developers to record audio and video from an HTML 5 canvas web page. This is a major improvement, making Google’s browser more versatile and helping the user by not having to download additional apps to do certain things.

The Network API displays several network cellular such as 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Smaller changes have also been made

Google has also adjusted several features such and has also made some changes. The list is as follows: data and time HTML tags are supported, the payments for API iOS are included, the ambient light sensor support is enables, non HTTPS sites will be marked as not secured.

The visibility collapse and CSS property will work on tablets and CSS will support eight and four digit hex colors.

Google also updates the Google Play store app, update V8.3.72. This happened just a few hours after its latest update the 8.3.43.

The previous Play Store update brought only minor bug fixes, while the new one brought more significant changes.

The Play Store APK has been tested for malware and it can be downloaded safely.

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