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[Download] Adobe Flash Player Patch Tuesday Update Available Now


It’s no secret by now that Adobe Flash Player will be gone by the year 2020. Adobe has finally called it quits with its most popular, but also most despised product and it is finally pulling the plug on Flash. And although this will change the online landscape as we know it at least a little bit, if not drastically, the death of Adobe Flash Player is a highly appreciated and much belated one. But in the meantime, Adobe still tries to make Flash barely function until it will be phased out.

Updates and Fixes for Adobe Flash Player

Thus, we have this Patch Tuesday. During the latest Adobe Patch Tuesday, Adobe Flash Player got two critical bug fixes for some pretty nasty bugs (again). It seems that there were two more gateways open in Flash for malicious third parties to gain access to our private data. And while this sounds entirely all too familiar, at least Adobe is trying its best. A total of three other vulnerabilities were also left in Cold Fusion, and this Patch Tuesday was an overall beneficial one.

Still, we can’t help but feel that Adobe is kicking a dead horse by now. And the dead horse is Adobe Flash Player, of course. Many are wondering why Adobe isn’t taking out Flash right now. But maybe the answer is simpler than we’d like to admit: because it will shock us. Many of us still aren’t aware just how much of the Internet as we know it is Flash. And developers need some time to transition to the new and shiny HTML5 that is every Flash couldn’t be.

Adobe Flash Player will die in 2020, and we will rest flowers on its online grave and remember it fondly. But we won’t be sorry it’s gone.

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