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Adobe Flash Player Latest Update: Download For Free Now


Adobe, on the 10th of October, released a scheduled update of the Flash Player on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS devices. This is in accordance with the monthly maintenance updates Adobe carries out on Flash Player. This update was, however not applied to Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. According to Adobe’s release statement, these updates will take place later in the month. The latest update of Adobe Flash Player is, and it fixes some important functionality bugs.

The features of this newest update include a Support ActionScript API for Audio Device Manager for selection of audio output which comes with an increased user privacy. A UIA (User Invoked Action) restriction can be applied with this feature of the Flash Player

Some of the fixed issues with this update are the inability of the audio device selection to function when there are multiple devices with same name (FP-4198585). Content freezing while switching between tabs on Firefox (FP-4198571, FP-4198555) and the inability of videos to continue after users minimize or restore Firefox browser windows were also fixed.

Users of Flash Player who have allowed updates will currently have this newest Flash Player version as it updates within 24 hours. Other users who allowed update notifications will get notification of this update within 7 days, it should be on the 17th of October. According to Adobe, Windows users need to restart or log out and in of their systems to activate the update notification dialog. Adobe Flash Player users with Chrome OS will receive updates through the Google update mechanisms.  Users of Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime for Windows, Macintosh and Linux can get this Adobe Flash Player update through update mechanisms within the product or from the Adobe Flash Player Download Centre.

Adobe Flash Player has delivered high-quality, powerful and consistent user experiences on different browsers, OSs, and mobile devices. With this update, users will experience improved security, stability, and privacy.

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