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How to Change your Update Settings for Adobe Flash Player


This article will show you how to change your update settings for Flash Player and select the most convenient one for you. According to Blorge, The newest Flash Player version is always the most recommended one because it contains bug fixes of previous existing versions. Those who use Flash Player on their Windows and Mac OS can check regularly for updates.

These are the steps needed to change your update settings:

  • Choose any rich media content in your browser of choice
  • Right-click on the media content and choose Global Settings
  • A pop-up window will appear and you have to select Advanced tab
  • Three options will appear:

Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended): this option is the easiest one to choose because all updates will be installed automatically. Starting with Flash Player 11.3, all urgent updates will be installed without receiving a notification and scheduled updates will be notified. Those who want can even install updates manually instead of waiting for the automatic installation.

Notify me to install updates: it is a good option for those who enjoy having absolute control of everything connected to their PC. This means that all updates are installed only when you decide.

Never check for updates (not recommended): by choosing this option, your PC remains vulnerable to security problems and it means that you will have to perform manual checks and make sure you are using the latest Flash Player version.

These steps should allow you to check your update settings on Flash Player. Remember that you have to perform these actions for all your Internet Browsers. For example if you use two internet browsers on the same computer, the above process has to be done for both and then check to make sure.

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