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CCleaner vs. Glary Utilities – The Best Software That Protects Your Files


If you’re a longtime Windows user, you are already familiar with CCleaner. Back in the days of Windows XP when you needed to clean system data of useless junk each weekend so that you kept your system running smoothly, CCleaner was a must. But now in the age of Windows 10 and advanced operating systems, you might think that such a cleaning app is not a necessity anymore. But it doesn’t hurt to use it from time to time, even nowadays when operating systems are so advanced.

But today we will present you another possibility, namely Glary Utilities. While Glary Utilities is not the same type of app as CCleaner, meaning it’s not a system cleaner, it does offer some amazing system management tools that will ease the load on your computer and help you keep your Windows in tip top shape.


With CCleaner, you are getting software that is targeted at cleaning up your Windows specifically and with targeted action. When you launch the CCleaner app, you are taken straight to the Cleaner tab. From there you can pick what you want to clean up. But it’s important to exercise caution. Although CCleaner is pretty awesome at detecting junk files that you won’t miss, you need to double check what it does at all times so you don’t get any surprises.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is not a targeted cleaner, as we’ve said before. What it is though is an amazing suite of system management tools. It has an amazing 1-click maintenance mode that allows you to bring your Windows computer up to speed in no time, and it’s so fuss free you’ll think it’s too good to be true. It also has advanced settings that allow you to nitpick everything about the process.

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