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Adobe Flash Player Update and The Weaknesses of The HTML5


In the past years Adobe Flash Player has been deemed unsafe and the Internet predicted its death. Finally, the Adobe company seemed to agree and it announced that Flash will finally end in 2020. Since this format won’t be available anymore, Adobe has advised users to find some other alternatives. One of the best options is HTML5, and it has been recommended by most experts. HTML 5 comes with plenty of advantages that can transform it into the ideal replacement, but this format also comes with some weaknesses of its own.

Security support

HTML5 only has partial security support and this is one of its main weak points. HTML5Test rates the browsers by how well they perform with HTML5 source code, and so far Opera 45 is the winner, with 518 points out of 555.

However, there is an obvious vulnerability with browsers, since most of them do not have Fast Identity Online/ web authentication implemented. There are some who have partially implemented it, like Firefox 54 and Xbox One, but the standardization of web authentication has not been completed based upon the FIDO 2.0 Web APIs.

Video files need to be secured

There are various methods that can be used in order to protect against the weaknesses of HTML 5. For example, basic things like changing the default administrator passwords or restricting the permissions for untrusted code. Enhancing the HTML5 security can also be done by encrypting HTML5 source code so that no one can read them using tools such as Encrypt HTML Pro. Users can also run HTML 5 with HTTPS and visit HTML5Test in order to test the security support for their browsers. It is also recommended to patch or update Bluetooth devices and wireless routers, tag inputs from any unreliable sources.