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Adobe Flash Player Petition – Would You Sign It?


Flash has major issues, we all know that. But back in its heyday it was really helpful, yet people keep forgetting that and now they are planning to switch it off for good. More exactly, the developers want to kill it by the end of 2020. Luckily, not all the people agree with the already taken decision.

Juha Lindstedt is one of the people who still believe in the power of Flash. Not in a way that shouts “Flash is better than everything available on the market”, but still she believes that there are some things that could use a little of the help Flash is still able to provide.

Lindsted even plans to address the petition she wrote to Adobe, stating that killing Flash for good isn’t really the best idea and also that Adobe should allow people work on updating Flash by fixing the bugs. All she is asking is the continuous accessibility of the Flash content.

The man even ensured Adobe that he doesn’t want to make a business out of it. His plans don’t include placing Flash on the actual browsers. Instead, he insists that Flash content could be accessed if it would run on a special browser designed especially for it.

The man’s intentions aren’t bad but in the end, it’s Adobe’s call. The Adobe developers know why they took this decision in the first place. The biggest problems are the ones related to security. Over 300 problems regarding security were found in 2015 and the amount of money and time they would have to waste and reinventing Flash is just too much for them. Moreover, this step won’t even assure them a place near the technology leaders. So there are too many things to risk, this is why Adobe doesn’t trust Flash. However, if you think Lindstedt has a point and you aren’t yet ready to let go of Flash, then you should probably sign his petition while you can.