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Adobe Flash Player Patches Important Security Issues


It’s no secret that Adobe Flash Player has become quite a security nightmare in the last few years. The program used to be the standard for a multimedia browsing experience and all websites and platforms used it to load media (except for iOS). However, recent events proved that Adobe Flash Player is no longer a reliable, quality product, and now the world is finally doing what Apple has done a long time ago, namely steering clear of Adobe Flash Player.

Instead, the global online domain is now using HTML5, which we all remember for sure. HTML5 is much more fuss-free and a lot more trustworthy. However, Adobe are still doing their best to keep Flash at least a bit interesting so that they don’t lose their entire fan base overnight. Nowt they’ve released a brand new security patch for their products, including Flash Player, Shockwave Player, Digital Editions and Captivate.

The new security patch fixes a grand total of twenty odd security flaws, but the most crucial fixes come to Adobe Flash Player, which is the Adobe product with the largest user database, closely followed by Adobe Shockwave Player. As far as Flash is concerned, the new patch fixes nine security flaws. Let’s find out a bit more about that

Four Security Bulletins

The fixes are detailed in four security bulletins, and they tackle nine important issues such as critical memory vulnerabilities and also malware problems. As you may know, Adobe Flash Player has been a playground for malware and other hacker attacks, so it’s good to see developers taking care of these issues.

Shockwave Player also gets a fix on a memory corruption issue that affected code execution. All in all, this new security patch did some good, but we don’t think Adobe Flash Player will ever regain public grace.

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