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Why Adobe Flash Player Is A Favorite Target For Hacking?


The fact that many vulnerabilities have been linked to Adobe Flash Player simply indicates that it has been the favorite target of hackers. However, you might have wondered why this ever happened anyway. Here are top reasons that might interest you.

High Installation Rate

Although Adobe Flash Player has a poor reputation, many users still install it in PCs and laptops, including mobile devices. This is because they were not aware of the threats to security being presented by the Web client. Some find it hard to secure software to cater to rich content online. More so, others find it convenient to play Flash-based content on tablets and smartphones. Thus, there are always a huge number of people to victimize.

Lots of Vulnerabilities

Among the software with issues, Adobe Flash Player is one that is easy to hack, giving great opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage. In fact, hackers wouldn’t spend much time and effort on software that is nearly impossible to crack. With many vulnerabilities to exploit, as well as make their jobs easier, hackers focus on programs such as Adobe Flash Player.

Users Do Not Update Software Regularly

You might no longer remember the last time you updated your software, particularly Flash Player. Moreover, many people like you have not updated their software as often as necessary. For this reason, you might have not received security patches released by Adobe to enhance security. This makes your risk to become a victim of cybercrime even higher.

Exploits Can Be Hard To Detect

Users like you might not be aware if there is something missing in Adobe Flash Player. At the same time, Adobe takes a great amount of time to detect vulnerabilities, which actually requires your help to do it. As a result, it gives ample time for hackers to infiltrate a system and execute their malicious intent.

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