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3 New Jailbreak Tweaks Available This Week


Many say that the golden days of jailbreaking are long over. Apple devices and their operating system, the famous iOS, are becoming impossible to crack, thanks to some very diligent patches and updates that developers pushed onto the system. However, this week brings three new jailbreak tweaks that you can enjoy on your jailbroken device, if you have one. Although our advice would be not to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, we know that many that already are exist out there, so this article is for you.

Let’s see what these new three jailbreak tweaks are. They are all exciting and potentially very useful and fun, so get ready and maybe grab them if you already have a jailbroken device on your hands.

  1. FavoriteEmojis

Adeem Mawani, an iOS developer, designed this brand new tweak, and this one will be the favorite of many for sure, because it deals with emojis. We all know that everyone loves to use emoji because they’re just so cute and expressive. The FavoriteEmoji tweak allows you to manually select your Frequently Used emoji list instead of having your iOS determine them for you.

  1. Remote Messages

This new tweak allows iOS users to use iMessage on other operating systems that do not support it, such as Windows or even Linux. This can be done with the help of your web browser. The only thing you have to do in order to make this work is install the tweak on your iPhone and then go to the website where you can access iMessage on.

  1. NFCWriter

This particular tweak hacks the NFC chip designed by Apple, allowing users to interact with hacked devices by writing data on them or even collecy data from them. This might sound unsafe, but it’s a simple trick for developers.

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